#BornSinnerListening: J. Cole To Preview New Album Nationwide With Unique Approach

06.06.13 4 years ago 24 Comments

Can’t wait for that June 25th release of Born Sinner, and happen to call Atlanta, Boston, New York City, Chicago, Toronto, Houston, Los Angeles, or Fayettville, North Carolina home? If so, find some earbuds and try to leave work early because J. Cole’s got the fix ready on Thursday night.

Today, Jermaine is streaming his upcoming record one time through, so don’t be tardy to the party at 8 PM EST. Instead of projecting his face onto buildings and alerting the authorities or whoever prevents Kanye from being great in advance, the exact locations are actual latitude and longitude coordinates (use Google Maps) and the complete Born Sinner album will be streaming through the LISNR app for smartphones. Full instructions are included below.

All in all, it feels very James Bond-esque of Cole, even if an application has to be downloaded to partake in the occasion.

j cole born sinner listening cities

j cole born sinner listening cities 2

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