Nas Wasn’t A Fan Of J. Cole’s “Who Dat” Either

06.07.13 4 years ago 45 Comments

The wait for J. Cole’s Born Sinner will soon be over. That’s if you weren’t one of the lucky fans able to hear the album early (or haven’t taken advantage of the accompanying faucet drip). Shortly before the scheduled listening session, Cole explained the backstory behind the much talked about song from the album, “Let Down Nas.”

Taking the circuitous route, Cole shares the story that finds its origins early on in his career when he attempted to service radio with “Who Dat.” What happened from “Who Dat” was Cole struggling severely – which he tells in a humorous fashion – to produce a radio single for his first album but finally finding one that radio program directors, the label and, most importantly, Jay-Z approved. That song was “Work Out,” which most committed fans hated, including Nas, per a conversation Cole had with producer No ID.

Another random nugget shared by Cole was that the inspiration for “Work Out” was Kanye’s “Work Out Plan,” which he considers to be the worst track on College Dropout. If anyone can help me understand that logic, the comments section awaits the reply.

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