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05.14.12 6 years ago 21 Comments

– Never one to shy away from an event where pink button-ups and Tucker Carlson costumes are the accepted attire, Jay Cutler made a showing at the Iroquois Steeplechase in Nashville on Saturday. Being amongst his own made him a little more willingly photogenic than the last time Cutlerf*cker was spotted in the wild.

“Hey Kristin, lose the coat, babe. I want all the guys to see what a bangin’ preggo bod you got.”

– In developments that should happened a few years back, Donovan McNabb is working on his mechanics and claims to have lost 15-20 pounds in effort to get himself back into shape, even though he won’t acknowledge he wasn’t in shape before. Nothing about being an automatic Hall of Famer this time, though, so that’s nice.

– Further proof that Jaxson De Ville has been the most exciting thing about the Jags in the last decade: here’s him making an impressive golf shot in full costume.

– The Pro Football Halftime Activity Book looks like it would be good for some drunk, regressive fun. Or, as it’s more commonly known: fun. That, or the book could be yet another helpful tool of football indoctrination for your children.

– We referenced cardboard cut-out prom date Tebow earlier, so might as well pass along the news that the Iowa girl who took out CCPD Tebow received a signed Teebs jersey, but has yet to hear from the Runslinger. Rachel Bird is the top of her graduating class of 28. That she and the cut-out were one of fewer than 20 couples there makes it even more sad, somehow.

– New York Magazine today has a worthwhile feature on the late comedian Patrice O’Neal. Since the bounty scandal broke, I’ve wanted to post his bit about football. Now seems as good a time as any.

Spotted at Jazzfest: this wanted poster of Gregg Williams. So New Orleans is cool with “Free Sean Payton” but they want to string up Greggggggg? That’s some hypocrisy I can get down with.

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