Jack Black To Do Robot Apocalypse Comedy?

10.25.10 7 years ago

Now that Steven Spielberg’s signed up to direct an adaptation of Daniel H. Wilson’s novel Robopocalypse, we’re finally seeing some renewed interest in a movie adaptation of his other robot book, How To Survive A Robot Uprising. Io9 is reporting that the rights to the humorous anti-robot manual have been picked up by Jack Black and Steve Pink, director of Hot Tub Time Machine.

If it sounds at all familiar, it’s because Mike Myers picked up the rights to the book a couple years ago and Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant (writers of Reno 911 and Night At The Museum 2) were set to write the script. At this point, we don’t know if Lennon and Garant will be with the new project, or even if Black will be in or if Pink will direct. But it’ll be interesting to see to competing robots-will-destroy-us-all films on the big screen. Finally, films with some truth in them.


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