Jadeveon Clowney is undraftable

02.24.14 4 years ago 39 Comments
They play the Combine in Indianapolis every year because Irsays on the no-fly list


We already knew that Jadeveon Clowney had no regard for speed limits on the highway, but the 6’6 266 pounder outran his talent at the draft this morning, putting up a 4.47 second time that sounds more like how long it takes him to fail a field sobriety test then run 40 yards. Youve heard of “quicker then fast”, well Jadeveon Clowney is faster then good. The lazy ME-fensive end out of the University of South DONT CARolina proved that hes looking more towards a career in running away from his problems then he is standing his ground on the gridiron.

Need to confirm with coed sources around USC but something tells me this isnt the first time Clowney has proven that hes likely to bust in under 4.5 seconds no offense. The NFL is a league thats about gap discipline more then sack discipline and right now the league is shifted more towards motor guys like JJ Watt and Ryan Kerrigan then motormouths like Clowney.

In a direct slap in the face to the scouts and writers- Clowney declined to do on-field position drills because (im not making this up) he didnt want to have to lie down on the ground– if he hates being screamed at and forced to lie on his stomach so much youd think he might learn to drive under 100 mph in the state of South Carolina.

Clowneys short career has allready had more Red Flags then Lovie Smiths highlight reel, all without even played a NFL down yet. Usually I like to wait a year or two before declaring someone to be a choke artist who cant win the big one, but I think Clowney deserves that title even before he gets a chance to not win his team a Superbowl.

With all of these character concerns, Clowney needed to do something to show the scouts he meant business. I would of shown up wearing fulls pads and a helmet to demonstrate I’m ready to go to work. Our coach in high school use to never let us take our helmet off until you won a game or injured someone- its a honor not a privilage to take your hat off. Wearing full equipment would of sent a clear message but I guess the only message Clowney cares about sending is going to be in Morse code judging by all the beeps I hear during his press conference.

Plus its not that hard to run 40 yards. I went out this morning and did it myself just to prove a point. Judging my time is around the 5 seconds mark which is exactly where you want a DLineman in my opinion.

Compare that to Clowneys 40 time and you tell me which is more inpressive? (shout/out to my friends at SBN for having a cool video of this so that we can compare times)

Its no big deal I was able to finish the run just fine but you dont see me deamanding a million dollar contract. Jadeveon might have everyone whipped into a frenzy but its going to be egg on the face of whoever ends up on the receiving end of the merangue pie that CLOWNeys about to throw folks.

Whether I’m a NFL QB during the 4th quarter, or a GM on the clock,, I take one look at Clowney and I say “I’ll pass.”

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