Jags Fans To Rally At 3:16, Demand Tebow Time

09.16.13 4 years ago 28 Comments


Literally dozens of Jaguars fans are going to rally today outside EverBank field this afternoon to demand to know why the team sign won’t sign Tim Tebow. They’re planning to meet at 3:16 PM, henceforth known as “Tebow Time”, and hope to tailgate for 3 hours and 16 minutes to show support for their franchise’s future savior.

I spoke with James Stewart or “Stew” who is helping to organize the rally. While Stew’s quick to point out that the movement is much bigger than just him (they’ll have “at least six” people in attendance), the overall message of the “Tebow- Why Not?” rally is that there’s no good reason to not bring Tebow in. By not addressing why they won’t sign Tebow, it’s making fans speculate that there might be something more sinister at play here:

“It’s no different than the Chicago White Sox tanking the World Series. If they don’t answer ‘why not Tebow,’ who’s to say that the owners aren’t trying to tank the season to move the team away?” James speculated.

It could be a plot-line right out of “Major League.” Tebow could be their Rick Vaughn, and Stew could be their Randy Quaid. Nothing like a “Hometown boy returns from the big city to save his beloved franchise from being moved to LA, London, or Pakistan” tagline. Stew’s heard all the reason’s “Why not” from outside the Jaguars front office, but you’d have to wake up pretty early to pull the wool over Stew’s eyes.

“They can’t say hes not good enough, were not buying that. We’ve got a good reason to believe he can win based on what we’ve seen on the field in Denver.”

Stew hasn’t gotten in touch with anyone from Jags management to let them know about the rally and didn’t know if anyone from the team would show up, but some people don’t seem to think that the Jaguars’ brass might still be 3 time zones away during the demonstration.

If they really want to draw attention to the cause they should get Reverend Terry Jones to drive over and burn a bunch of copies of Gus Bradley’s playbooks while they’re at it.

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