Jaguars-Bears Preseason Open Thread

08.14.14 3 years ago 597 Comments

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We love our Jay Cutler encounter stories here at KSK, even the almost certainly fake ones, like the one we received from a reader today:

Hahaha Uncle posted this on Facebook last night. Thought the Kommentariat could have some fun with it. – Baked Potter

Well I’ve lost all respect for Jay Cutler. Heard he stopped in at La Siesta Mexican restaurant here in Bradley last week, A good friend of ours was eating with her son and his girlfriend when Cutler and another player came in and went to the bar to get a drink. The sons girl friend adored Cutler and approached Cutler and politely asked to take a picture and autograph, before she could finish her sentence, Cutler spun around, put his open hand in her face and blurted out BACK OFF! My guess is his fan base is dwindling by the day. The girl was mortified and our friend was LIVID. My Cutler Jersey just became the new rag to clean the dogs feet with.

As much as I love the mental image of Jay Cutler having a fan talk to the hand, I’m inclined to doubt that one. Though I will defend the reality of the “DOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN’TTTTTT CCCCCAAAAAAAARRRRRRRREEEE” story to the death. Its veracity is all the sustains us.

In fact, the staff has started writing our own real-sounding fake Jay Cutler run-ins, which we shall publish on the morrow. Fake Cutler stories should be their own literary genre. We encourage you to try your own in the comments. We we include some in the post. I could think of worse ways to while away a preseason game.

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