The Jaguars Finally Win One

10.03.13 4 years ago 10 Comments

Even by the standards of the Jacksonville Jaguars, it’s been a bad week. As expected, they’re coming off a one-sided loss on Sunday to a division rival. Late Tuesday, the team dealt tackle Eugene Monroe, who was, at worst, one of the five best players on their roster, to the Baltimore Ravens for two mid-round draft picks. According to Football Outsiders’ metrics, this Jaguars team is the worst in the history of the league through the first four games of a season. In two weeks, the team is set to be the biggest underdog in NFL history when it faces the Broncos in Denver. If that weren’t enough, the Jaguars mascot has resorted to self-inflicted weekly humiliations as a coping mechanism or perhaps just to feel alive.

Suffice it to say, the Jaguars could use something positive. And since I can’t quite work up anything good about the football team itself, it’s time for a regular KSK off-season feature – KILL! KILL! KILL! – to come to the rescue. So here is a jaguar with a masterful takedown of a caiman in the Brazilian wetlands.


“ONE, TWO, BOOM! TEETH IN!” Embrace it, Jaguars. You should make it a chant.

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