JaMarcus Russell Attempting Likely Hilarious Comeback To The NFL

01.23.13 5 years ago 25 Comments

When last we checked in with monstrous bust quarterback JaMarcus Russell, the rotund rocket was getting busted in June of 2010 in his hometown of Mobile, AL for possession of Purple Drank. That was roughly two months after he was cut by the Raiders, following three seasons of terrible play, binge eating and napping through practice.

Other than recaps of most spectacular draft busts in history, it was thought to be the last anyone would hear of ol’ JaFatass. The fall from grace was cruel and swift, but at least he isn’t hooked on painkillers and in prison and therefore at least somewhat better off than Ryan Leaf.

But apparently being saved from having the most tragic bust story in NFL history isn’t enough. JaMarcus would like another crack at this quarterbacking thing. According to Yahoo! Sports, Russell is down to from the 320 pounds he weighed last fall to a slightly less bulbous 308. Along with further weight loss, JaMarcus plans to work with a team of consultants, including Jeff Garcia and a guy who once mentored Joe Flacco. If that’s not the road to flamboyant eliteness, I don’t know what is.

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