JaMarcus Russell Back To His Originally Hefty Playing Weight

05.29.13 4 years ago 18 Comments

Some football fans have been keenly focused on the comeback big by JaMarcus Russell. Partially it’s for the fat jokes, but it’s also because it’s the off-season and there’s nothing better to do. But the latest update means good things for those who were actually interested in seeing JaMarcus succeed in getting another job as an NFL quarterback after eating and purple dranking himself out of the league a few years back.

JaMarcus has dropped 50 pounds since he discovered dieting back in the winter and now reportedly weighs 265 lbs., the same weight he posted at the scouting combine in 2007. Of course, there’s more to quarterbacking than winning The Biggest Loser, but the slimmer frame is apparently enough to coax more than one team into having interest in signing JaMarcus as their third-string QB.

The whole “teams toying with the idea of bringing back a bust” story seems to be cropping up every few weeks. Toward the end of January, there were rumblings that the Jets were exploring the possibility of adding JaMarcus to their stable of retread QBs. At the start of April, there was a report that several teams were “keeping an eye on him” which is vague enough not to mean anything, but the news got some people excited nonetheless.

So it could be that a few teams are biding their time until JaMarcus makes a impressive showing at a workout or there are a few GMs that are just as bored as the rest of us.

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