Jane Lynch and Bill Maher Perform the Weinerlogues, More Weiner In The News

06.13.11 6 years ago

Prepare for some absolutely shocking (read: not shocking) news: more Anthony Weiner pictures leaked.  Even though they’re safe for work, we’re not posting them here because blech.  If you want to see them (why?) they’re here.  Hmm, those could have really used some more watermarks.
What is much more interesting is that Bill Maher and Jane Lynch performed a dramatic reading of Weiner’s NSFW chat logs on Real Time last Friday.  This also gives us an excuse to use the picture of Jeff Goldblum playing piano for Jane Lynch and Zooey Deschanel before it’s on awesome people hanging out together.  The Real Time video is below, along with a couple funny pictures and a very mature compilation of news anchors doing serious news anchor business.




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