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“The Ancient Dogoo Girl” (trailer below) started out as a Japanese TV series primarily directed by Noboru Iguchi (of the comically and insanely-violent Machine Girl), with some episodes shot by other directors, including Takashi Shimizu (Juon, The Grudge) and Yoshihiro Nishimura of the ultraviolent Tokyo Gore Police (link is NSFW).  Now the series is being adapted into a feature film, with the first two acts using footage from the series, and the final third being new material directed by Nishimura and starring Asami, an actor from another crazy and violent film, Robo-Geisha (link might be NSFW).

The series stars 20-year-old photo model Erika Yazawa [pictures below] as Dogu-chan, a yokai (goblin, monster) hunting warrior from Japan’s ancient Jomon era who is resurrected in modern times due to a bumbling archaeologist (Takaya Kamikawa) and his shut-in son Makoto (Masataka Kubota). She joins Makoto and two of his high-school friends in not only trying to blend in (poorly), but also, with the help of her animated Dogoo statuette companion Dokigoro, in sniffing our and destroying yokai that have begun to surface in the modern age. [TwitchFilm]

Did I mention her main weapon appears to be shooting magic beams from her chest?  See, all those cleavage shots at the beginning of the trailer weren’t gratuituous; they were foreshadowing.  God I love Japan.  I want to have, like, forty of its squidbabies.

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