100-Word Review – Jarren Benton’s ‘My Grandma’s Basement’

07.06.13 4 years ago

jarren benton my grandmas basement

From top to bottom, My Grandma’s Basement is filled with intense lyricism, razor-sharp flow, and quirkiness that have become young Benton’s trademark. It’s a step up from his last project, as songs like “Don’t Act’ and especially “Dreams” show not only an improvement in artistry but also in versatility, as Jarren demonstrates his ability to tackle deeper subjects than usual. Producer Kato showed he’s more than capable of holding down an album’s worth of beats all on his own. However, redundancy begin to show towards the latter end as songs like “I Deserve It” ultimately fall short of anchoring the album.

Standout Songs: “Life In The Jungle,” “Bully,” “Heart Attack”
Songs To Skip: “Go Off”

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