Jason Campbell Is A Runaway Bridegroom

02.21.12 6 years ago 26 Comments

Not a white woman? Nancy Grace says no thanks.

Ever since Jason Campbell shattered his collarbone back in October, forcing the Raiders to mortgage the farm on a broken down Carson Palmer, we haven’t heard a great deal from the man who KOGOD once promised us would win eleventy MVPs and a half dozen Super Bowls for the Redskins. At long last, the sentence that KSK readers love to hear will probably gloss over: WE HAVE A JASON CAMPBELL NEWS ITEM!

Oakland Raiders Star Jason Campbell was all set to be married to his beautiful fiancé’ Jenny Montes this past weekend but he stood her up just hours before the ceremony was to take place. Guest had flown out to the Dominican Republic where the bride to be is from to watch the nuptials take place. What a cowardly move. The couple had an on and off relationship for the past 5 years. So far no reason has been cited for the inexplicably standing up his fiancé’ at the altar.

Jason Campbell being indecisive? It’s funny because that’s how he is in the pocket. THAT SCOUNDREL! HE LACKS MATRIMONIAL DISCIPLINE! Anyway, for the sake of boring old fairness, there’s a conflicting report with Campbell claiming it was a mutual decision between he and his fiancee, but that’s no fun. I’m just gonna go ahead and trollishly assume that’s a BS denial and he’ll later claim he was kidnapped by Mexicans. Mexicans like the Raiders, it checks out enough for cable news.

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