Jay Bilas Wages Twitter War On NCAA’s Hypocrisy, Screws Up Their Online Store In The Process

08.06.13 4 years ago 41 Comments

Unfortunately for the NCAA, Jay Bilas listened to the wrong Young Jeezy record this afternoon and initiated full-scale guerrilla warfare tactics on the money-hungry institution before they even saw anything coming. What exactly did Bilas do, for those currently still sporting a confused look on their face?

A Twitter rant. That actually worked.

But oh, no, he wasn’t finished proving a point.

And then this, the icing on the cake.

Yes, by the rulebook, Johnny Manziel screwed up and now has put this season and the national title hopes of Aggie Nation in jeopardy. The reigning Heisman winner should not have allegedly signed autographs in return for cash to purchase new rims for his whip. But it’s like everyone gets “it” but the NCAA. What Bilas did today was simply what has been the biggest argument against the plantation known as the NCAA for years. The only difference was Jay’s voice, opinion, platform and reach holds a lot more weight.

So much weight, in fact, the search function on shopncaasports.com was disabled. I wonder why? “Go make us millions upon millions and in return don’t you even dare think of making of a dime on your own or we will do everything in our power to assassinate your character and your university.” That’s the mantra for better or worse. Will it change? Not this season or perhaps next season, but the dialogue is heating up once more and the wolves are out.

And keeping the spotlight on Manziel for a second – because this can honestly be traced back over thousands of cases throughout the years – the pressure is actually on the NCAA to make a decision in this situation. Arguably the biggest storyline heading into the season has his future in their hands with the most anticipated game of the season (Bama/A&M) set to kick off in a little over a month.

Do you rule the kid ineligible and screw yourself over on tens of millions of dollars (even though you’ve been aware of this situation since June)? Or you somehow finagle this story so it goes away basically painting perception “yeah, we got backed into a corner and f*cked with no vaseline by our own rule but we need this kid because he’s a goldmine”?

Either way, Jay Bilas put pressure on the NCAA today and took some pennies away from their pocketbook in the process. And. It. Was. Glorious.

One time for Jay “No Justice, No Peace” Bilas.

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