Jay Cutler and Matt Stafford Getting The Sixth Best MVP Odds Somehow

07.08.14 3 years ago 49 Comments



The folks at Bovada released their odds for the 2014 NFL MVP. The top of the list is predictable enough, with Peyton Manning getting 3-1 odds to win his sixth MVP award. Rounding out the top five, it’s Drew Brees getting 11/2 odds, followed by Aaron Rodgers at 15/2, Tom Brady at 9/1 and Andrew Luck at 16/1.

Sure, sure, fine, fine. Those are all fine candidates as quarterbacks with perceived ELITENESS. Then we come to the next two on the list:

Jay Cutler: 20/1
Matthew Stafford: 20/1

That’s a little upsetting. If you’re ballsy enough to bet on Jay Cutler or Matt Stafford to win MVP, it should probably be based on higher than the sixth best odds of all NFL players. Granted, starting quarterbacks get higher odds than they should just because QBs are the default choice for MVP. Still, you’d have to think Stafford isn’t the most likely choice on his team, yet Calvin Johnson comes in a 25-1 odds, tied with LeSean McCoy as the most likely non-QB.

That said, Cutler putting up an MVP caliber season would be a sight to behold just to see how much it amplifies his DOOOOOOOON’TTTTT CCCCAAAAARRRRREEEE attitude.

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