Jay Cutler Issues A Sorry, Not Sorry Over Laying Big Hit

09.24.13 4 years ago 57 Comments


During a critical drive in the second half of the Bears’ win in Pittsburgh, Jay Cutler scrambled for a first down, ending his run by driving the shoulder of his throwing arm into Steelers defensive back Robert Golden. The hit wrecked Golden’s sh*t, but a quarterback throwing his body around like that is bound to elicit concern from those who would like to see Cutler play a full 16 games for the first time in four years.

But the Cutty narrative has a tricky history with toughness, given the criticism he got for exiting the 2010 NFC Championship Game because of a knee injury. It’s doubtful that’s what caused Cutler to make this hit, but one thing we do know for sure is he ain’t care what critics think.

“No, I don’t [regret it]. I know what I’m doing out there, but thanks for your concern, I appreciate it … But I have to play the game and that’s how I sometimes have to play the game. Sorry, I’m not sorry.”

Yup, that’s about the most Cutler reaction possible. DOOOONNNNN’TTTTT CAAAAARRRRRREEEEE.

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