Jay Cutler Triumphant After Throwing Masterful Pass Interference Penalty

09.28.10 7 years ago 70 Comments

I don’t think I’ve ever seen more interceptions overturned by penalty in a single game than the array that were negated tonight. Cutler had a half dozen in him, for sure, but the Bears caught break after break, whether it was a pass rusher hitting him helmet-to-helmet by accident to Nick Collins dropping another sure pick on the Bears’ final drive. Or that James Jones fumble that tight-roped the sideline. Apparently, all that sucking up to God with Cancer Girl didn’t get you far, Green Bay.

Of course, it was Devin Hester actually being allowed to do what he does best that proved to be the deciding factor in the game, with big punt returns either setting up or scoring the two Chicago touchdowns. That is, other than the 142 yards in penalties that the Packers accrued. But even if the Bears dimly stumbled to the second victory they didn’t necessarily deserve this season, at least be comforted that Cutler still manages to look like a diptard even in victory.

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