Jay Cutler uses big city fame to score internet “celebrity” azz

04.14.09 8 years ago 50 Comments

Now that Jay Cutler has pissed and moaned his way out of Denver and into the big city, he is wasting no time before jumping onto some H-list trim. Page Six reports that Cutler was spotted getting ‘faced in a Chicago night club with Julia Allison hugging up on him Saturday night. Readers of KSK might not be familiar with Allison, a Chicago native– and that’s largely to their credit. Allison is the dating columnist turned internet attention hound who appears on dreadful cable news talk shows on the reg. Said an eyewitness:

“He was sitting in a banquette and she was standing between his thighs, touching them and facing him. They were all over each other. It was kind of gross. He was drinking beer all night but she stuck to water.”

Getcha some! Whooooo! Gawker— a regular follower of Allison’s adventures adds:

Per the oversharing queen’s Twitter, we know Allison was showing the new QB her headband at 2 am in one tweet, and then not posting again until 7:35 am the next morning (see below left). “Jay is one of the top 10 quaterbacks [sic] in the NFL,” she wrote a friend. “I didn’t know who he was until last night.” Now she knows him.

For those who think this is post is merely a roundabout excuse to post a picture of this broad in her underwear– congratulation, you are correct…

Even in a solid six looks good in the right lingerie.

When asked what he thought about Cutler’s debut on the Chicago social circuit, fictional former Bears QB Rex Grossman said, “What a joke, first they replace me with a neckbearded drunk, then they bring in a diabetic dipshit who thinks it’s a cool idea to land some wackass congressman’s sloppy seconds. Goddam, you run the Sex Cannon out of town and the whole scene turns to shit. This hayseed can’t even unleash the dragon on a GOOD Chicago internet celebrity.”

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