Jay Electronica Takes The Plunge With Mountain Dew

12.23.10 7 years ago 124 Comments

Well, it looks like choosing Jay-Z over Diddy is doing more for Jay Electronica than just forcing him to put out more than one record per year. He’s now secured himself a Mountain Dew endorsement that serves as the icing on the cake. Although he’s still a relatively unknown in the commerical world, I’d say it is a good starting point, and if the execs are satisfied, then there’s definitely potential for him to rep the big guns.

The setup is eerily similar to Drake’s Sprite ad, sans the corny bionic element that always threw me off. More on the classy side, this one uses the inaugural Roc Nation joint, “The Announcement,” to show Jay in his comfort zone as he pulls rhymes from his soul, focusing on perfecting each syllable, not going out of his way to please the crowd, but to rather meet his own expectations.

However the one gripe I do have with the ad, is, that it reworks and alters the instrumental, which drastically changes the original mood and connotations of the record. From a musical perspective, Jay Elec’s intended vibes for the song are unquestionably distorted, but none of this really matters to the big bosses up in the offices as long it helps them move product.

And as a bonus, the commercial’s behind the scenes have been provided as well.

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