“Roll A Tight J…”

01.25.10 8 years ago 20 Comments

Chances are the majority of people will never live the life Hip-Hop’s self-proclaimed king, Jay-Z, happens to lead. That’s not to say he doesn’t vividly portray it in his rhymes of elite  grandeur living either. Depending who you ask, it’s a cross between a sign of maturity and a sign he wants to separate himself from the very public which adores him. Regardless, the quality of his product still manages to satisfy most. Looking beyond his string of hit songs, “hidden gems” find themselves as some of his more enjoyable records. Take “Party Life” for example.

Found on 2007’s American Gangster, the song showcased a lifestyle the title alluded to. Celebrity friends, fast living and more money than one could ever imagine litter this ode to success. Slightly different from the original, a blended remixed version co-starring the late Marvin Gaye afforded the song and entirely new perspective while keeping the same feel. The nostalgic aurora allows one to bask in the glory of their own personal accomplishments, regardless of magnitude. So the next time you reach a memorable milestone in life, cue this record and vibe out. As he put it, “roll up a tight lil’ J, drink some wine whatever your vice is, ya know?”

Above all, “Party Life” authenticated Jay was right on one thing. You couldn’t knock the hustle it took to get him there.


Download — Jay-Z Feat. Marvin Gaye – “Party Life”

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