A Hip-Hop Conversation With Jay-Z

11.15.10 7 years ago 20 Comments

Nowadays, getting caught up in gossip about who’s smashing who and who’s beefing with who can be mentally draining. Over the course of time, the day-to-day happenings of our favorite musicians became more important than the music itself. Every now and then, one of the world’s oldest forms of expression reminds us all why it is so dope. Sometimes it’s a song, other times it’s a performance. Sometimes it’s an album, and in the majority of cases it’s our own personal memories.

For me, on this specific occasion, it was an interview.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll gladly proclaim again – I love Hip-Hop folklore. Earlier today, Sir Shawn Carter of Brooklyn – a.k.a. “Gucci Mane” – caught up with the Juan Epstein crew for what resulted in arguably the most revealing and entertaining dialogue of his long and storied career. Clocking in at over an hour, please believe it was well worth the price of admission. At this point in Jay’s career, it was galvanizing to hear him speak on being awe struck by Big Daddy Kane, reminiscing on his days with Big L, his present day thoughts on “Takeover” vs. “Ether” or even his attempts at not being recognized in public. Cipha, Rosenberg and K. Foxx were also able to get Hov to shed light on his close friendship with Biggie – he actually talked with B.I.G. on the phone the night of the VIBE party in Los Angeles – which was arguably the highlight of the interview.

Much respect to everyone involved for putting this together because of the rarity it represents. As a guy who loves Hip-Hop and the storytelling aspect behind it all, this is motivation to the 12th power to step my game up. Enjoy.

Jay-Z On Juan Epstein (Cipha Sounds & Peter Rosenberg)

Bonus: Mr. Carter also caught up with Howard Stern earlier who asked Gloria’s son about meeting President Obama, Kanye’s George Bush remarks, Taylor Swift and more.


Jay-Z On The Howard Stern Show 11.15.10

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