The iPod Shuffle: Jaylib’s ‘The Red’

Contributing Writer
10.07.15 6 Comments

“In a just world, Madlib would get as much props as J Dilla” was how I initially started this post. On the anniversary of Jaylib’s Champion Sound, I was going to use the opportunity to note my long-standing opinion that relative to his Detroit brethren, Madlib’s discography never gets its due. It just so happened that Dilla spent the mid-late ’90s hanging around the Native Tongues and Soulquarians while Madlib didn’t. There probably would’ve been a nod to “No Games” using a Cortex sample before most, the frenzied production on “McNasty Filth,” anything that would’ve further fueled my argument.

But, going by the title of the post, you can imagine what happened instead. In browsing through tracks to choose, I landed on “The Red” and, once those drums meshed with Cris Williamson’s voice, it was a wrap for the next few three minute intervals. The sample had to be swapped for Champion Sound’s re-release, but you must be out of your head if you think that’s going to stop me from turning my system up to play the original version.

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