Jay-Z – “$100 Bill”

05.02.13 4 years ago 19 Comments

At the very least, The Great Gatsby will have a phenomenal score. The man in charge of the film’s music is Hova himself and he’s bringing Hip-Hop and more to the American classic novel.

“$100 Bill” is the first of the Gatsby tracks we’ve heard that features Hov on the mic. On initial listening, he sounds somewhat reinvigorated, weaving in references of Slick Rick and a certain yellow car that plays a symbolic role in the film. All things aside, it’s one of his better recent works and throws more evidence into a theory of mine.

Jay-Z’s transcended the genre completely. Plain old albums don’t cut it anymore and he sounds bored with them at times. But, throw in another one of his endeavors – say Roc Nation Sports or in this case a movie soundtrack – and all of a sudden his songs have new energy.

And in the video clip below, Jay-Z sits down with BlackTreeTV to discuss how he got involved with executive producing the project. In it, he explains how he got involved with Gatsby, finding a way to make the songs fit the context of the film and why executive producing films may be the next career leap for him, which all but confirms my theory.

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