4 Quick Thoughts On Jazmine Sullivan “Dumb” Video With Meek Mill

07.09.14 3 years ago 7 Comments

This was…yeah…unique.

Four quick thoughts about Jazzy and Meek Mill’s video for her song “Dumb.”

1. We now know the name of Jazmine’s return project. It’s the Reality Show EP. As for when it’s released? Well, all I can relay is “soon.”

2. All these damn muppets, it’s like you almost expect Muppet Kobe and Muppet LeBron to show up somewhere.

3. As f*cked up as the show was, Cheaters was my guilty pleasure. Joey Greco still goes down as the GOAT cockblocker. Probably why he got stabbed on the boat that one episode.

4. Jazmine’s been away for awhile, so she gets a hall pass for not releasing this video when the Kermit memes were all the rage before Daquan stole his thunder.

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