Jed York Is An Ass

08.22.11 6 years ago 64 Comments

“Preseason fans.”

Do you know why the annual San Francisco/Oakland preseason game was marred by multiple instances of serious fan violence? Well 49ers President Jed York has a theory, and it has nothing to do with excessive alcohol consumption or long-held frustrations over the team’s quarterback situation.

York suggested that a different type of crowd attended Saturday’s game than the one that normally shows up at Candlestick. “I think when you have a preseason game, when you don’t have your regular-season ticket holders coming to the game, I think that plays a big factor into it,” York said. He said that’s another reason why the NFL wants to eliminate some preseason games in favor of 18 regular-season games.

See, if the players had just listened to us and agreed on that 18 game season we’d be able to cut the preseason in half. As everyone surely knows, the preseason is nothing more than a breeding ground for the poor. So if you think about it, that guy who got shot should really be mad at DeMaurice Smith.

via Deadspin
Image via Yahoo!

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