Jedi Turtles: Need I Say More? (Video)

10.14.11 6 years ago

That banner image is actually from this flickr page and has nothing to do with the post. Believe it or not, when you type the words “turtle” and “jedi” into Google, you get multiple results. Go figure. And while the video after the jump is most certainly about turtles battling like Jedi, you should be relieved (and confused) to know that I’m talking about actual turtles, alive and well, fighting with lightsabers. Yes, I know, I realize that I probably sound like one of your drunk uncles, rambling on about the animal kingdom, but your uncle is a cool dude, so you should appreciate this.

Video comes from Youtube subscriber Under Red Alert and as much as I’d like to say that I’m absolutely tired of Star Wars parodies, I believe, in this case, a back rub is in order. Plus, it’s short and sweet. Guy did a good job. Gold star, bro. Gold star.

Video after the jump:

[via BuzzFeed]

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