Jeezy – “Foul Play”

11.12.13 4 years ago


Jeezy’s back with a brand new batch of Duck Tales for his newest track, “Foul Play.” All the goodwill he earned from me on “Birfday” got pissed right down the drain as he goes right back to our regularly scheduled program of trite rhymes about having killers on deck, a ruthless mentality, etc. etc.

As I see it, the only redeeming qualities here is Drumma’s production and maybe a glimmer of hope that It’s The World Vol. 2, now dropping on November 27, has a few bangers on it. What I’ve figured out is if I keep my expectations low, whatever the Jeezy puts out has to be better than that so I end up halfway happy. And my expectations are super low now that Gibbs is nowhere involved with the label.

So why did I write this if I was so disappointed? Because sometimes it feels good to vent, especially when it comes to an artist who still hold to expectations, even if they’ve let you down time and time again. But, in hindsight, I’m almost as disappointed in myself for believing that Jeezy wouldn’t disappointment again. The Snowman been done melted.

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