Jeezy Explains The Non-Illuminati Meaning Behind The ‘Seen It All’ Album Cover

07.28.14 3 years ago 19 Comments


Jeezy stirred controversy when he dropped the minimalistic and dark cover for his fifth studio album, Seen It All: The Autobiography, the album a few days ago. Apparently, that whole all seeing eye thing had many people wondering if the Snowman was trying to tell folks something Illuminati-ish. Not so, says the rapper.

Speaking with Power 99, Jeezy says he was only trying to do something different with the crest and Eye of Providence because standing in front of a lamborghini with five chains on is corny for a 10-year vet such as himself. And dammit I agree!

“I wanted to do a crest. I was getting some of the feedback, the Illuminati. Lemme see this first and foremost Do not get art and creativity confused with ignorance. I am a hardworking, God-fearing man. I have no idea what a illuminati and really don’t give a damn cause it has nothing to do with me. I wanted to do something different and something bigger and that was my vision. It’s kinda like a dark album so I just wanted it to have that mystique about it. Something you wanted to keep as a collector’s edition.

“Not to compare, but when Pac did Makaveli and put himself on the cross, it was just like…that’s how he felt. He felt like it was him against the world, him against all odds. He put himself in that mindstate. That’s how I feel. I feel I’m bigger than music. I’m a leader so I can do that. I don’t want to stand in front of a lamborghini and give you another picture of me holding five chains on. That’s wack for me. I’m nine years, 10 years in the game. I’m trying to push the envelope a little bit.

“I’ll tell you this: The album cover is whatever, but when you open that album and play that album… we ain’t gon have this conversation, ya feel me? Cause that music is A1.”

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