Jeff George Is Totally Gonna Fix Everything That’s Wrong With Christian Ponder

06.06.13 4 years ago 30 Comments


The Vikings are one of several teams in the league that might be a contender if not for the fact that their quarterback sucks. Okay, perhaps that’s a little unfair. Christian Ponder is capable of being a good quarterback once every five games or so. Remember that Week 17 win against the Packers to get Minnesota into the playoffs? He was downright competent!

The problem is, the rest of the time, Ponder is a sizable liability. The Vikings would like him to be less of one. Or maybe not even a liability at all. Wouldn’t that be nice. To that end, they’re enlisted the help of a veteran quarterback mentor. A guiding presence to develop Ponder into a consistently effective weapon in the offense.

That mentor? Jeff George.

[Record scratch made by a dude with a huge mullet]

The former No. 1 overall draft pick, who played the 1999 season in Minnesota, is serving as a “guest coach” during this week’s organized team activities, coach Leslie Frazier said.

“We told our players just to be able to pick his brain, our quarterbacks, and talk with him about some of the things he saw as a young quarterback and what he saw as a veteran and just his maturation over the course of his career,” Frazier said. “He was a very good player for a long time, high draft pick, and I think he can really help our players with some of his background and his knowledge as well.”

Frazier might be a little generous in his assessment of Jeff George as “a very good player for a long time” but I wouldn’t expect him to bash a man who’s there to help fix his quarterback. Anyway, looking forward to Vikings games this season. There should be some very impressive-looking deep interceptions thrown.

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