Jeff Ireland’s Voicemail Got Spammed By Dolphins Fans

11.14.13 4 years ago 18 Comments

(via Getty Image)

Kudos to you, Miami fans. While no one is exactly fond of Jeff Ireland in NFL circles, the most potent rancor for the man is naturally present in Dolphins fans, who have had to suffer the repercussions of his poor personnel moves for years. While Ireland’s reported involvement in the ongoing Dolphins bullying fiasco has many questioning whether he will have his job much longer, that isn’t much solace to Dolphins fans so long as he remains the GM.

So when an autographed business card of Ireland’s appeared online (later purchased on eBay for $33), replete with his contact information, a few enterprising and blessedly mean-spirited Dolphins fans took advantage by spamming his voicemail.

What resulted definitely skewed toward low-grade mischief, such as playing Radiohead’s “Creep” into the phone.

And signing him up for a whole bunch of porn (like he didn’t already get all that stuff):

Meanwhile, others preferred a more conventional trolling approach:

Altogether, it’s best that the spamming skewed toward the silly. After all, fans flipping out and leaving him threats only makes Jeff Ireland look like the victim in this. And nobody wants that.

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