Jelani Day – “The Love Messages”

04.28.14 3 years ago
The Love Messages (Cover) (Credit Roderick Aichinger)

Photo: Roderick Aichinger

My sense of time has long been skewed because of the Internet. Hours and days bleed into each other, turning into months and years before you even realize it. It was on one of those days long ago that I met Jelani Day, who went by the moniker Jelani The MC at the time, as an artist making an early entry into music as a rapper. Ultimately, he stepped away from the mic, deciding to focus on finishing up his degree while shifting behind the boards to produce for the likes of Smoke DZA, Action Bronson, Araab MUZIK and more.

Days have gone by but somewhere along the line in 2012, Jelani let me know his dad, Dapper Dan, was interested in stepping back on the scene. We started working, pulling the pieces together and connecting the dots. The setup became Life+Times would debut a short doc on the legendary designer’s past work and his present.

To date, the video’s been viewed over 100K times. And to celebrate the milestone, Jelani’s sending praises to the heavens by picking up the mic one more time for “The Love Messages,” produced by Trey Hemingway. Albeit brief, the melodious track features Jelani passing on life lessons learned learned along the way, using music as the universal language of communication.

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