Jeremih, Big Sean & Paul Wall – “Ol’ Skool Pontiac”

05.08.13 4 years ago 9 Comments

Despite the posting of Jeremih, Big Sean and Paul Wall’s “Ol’ Skool Pontiac,” there isn’t anything note-worthy within the song that causes us to wax poetic.

In brief: the beat’s alright (a low-key play on Houston chopped-and-screwed without all the residual drip), Jeremih sort of mumbles like Chief Keef, Big Sean talks, obviously, about b*tches–probably yours–and Paul Wall goes off rapping about cars. So, “Ol’ Skool Pontiac.”

But really: who decided to throw them all onto a song together? Not that it’s a horrible idea, but Jeremih, Big Sean and Paul Wall on a track? In 2013? It’s just super random, like deciding that The Weeknd, Kanye West and Sade should make some sort of 808 And Heartbreaks redux just to see it happen for happening’s sake.

That had to have been the thinking. Right? Right.

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