Jerry Jones Loves The Glorious Pain

11.18.13 4 years ago 31 Comments


If I were involved with an NFL team in any capacity – as a player or in the front office – I would avoid the media whenever possible, especially the scourge of talk radio, which is practically distilled stupidity. But I’m only half the sociopath that Jerry Jones is, which explains why not only does the ol’ Double J pay a lot of attention to what drivetime radio callers are saying about his beloved Cowboys, he thrives off the criticism.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he listens to talk radio “more than anyone” and that criticism hurts, but deep down, maybe he likes it.

“I think I love the pain,” he said in an interview with CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford broadcast Monday on “CBS This Morning.” “Certainly, criticism hurts, but it, boy – fuels your ambition. It makes me think, ‘I wanna show them.’ ”

Far be from me to tell people where to get their motivation. Sports talk people are always gonna be dissatisfied. Could be the three-time reigning Super Bowl champs and Crazy Ira and the Douche would still be tossing out hot takes about how your team sucks. But if that’s the headache Jerry needs to try to get better, so be it. I’m sure he finds a way to calm down by getting triple teamed by high-priced call girls.

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