‘Jerry, we’re all at the same skill level’

02.04.09 9 years ago 27 Comments

You probably remember Michael Westbrook as the guy who caught* Kordell Stewart’s most famous pass, as the guy who beat the shit out of Stephen Davis for questioning his sexuality, or for being yet another first round flame-out for the Washington Redskins, but after this I’ll always remember him as the guy who competes in martial arts against pint-sized opposition.

Ursinho: [internal monologue] Don’t call him a homo. Don’t call him a homo. Don’t call him a homo.

(Referee signals for the fight to commence)

Ursinho: EAT DICK, HOMO! [dives crotch-first at Westbrook’s face]

Westbrook: [catches tiny man]


*totally not a gay joke

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