Jets Fan Didn’t Mean Anything Bad By Those Death Threats He Sent Mark Sanchez

12.19.12 5 years ago 30 Comments

After Mark Sanchez turned the ball over five times in the Monday night loss to the Titans, a Jets fan directed a few somewhat hostile tweets at the quarterback. Nothing too serious, just stuff like “KILL YO SELF TONIGHT! OR IMMA DO IT FOR YOU WEDNESDAY AT PRACTICE,” and “DON’T COME TO PRACTICE WEDNESDAY I PROMISE YOU BULLETS EVERYWHERE. You know, nothing the authorities might be concerned about in the wake of Sandy Hook.

Not to worry, though, because the New York Daily News caught up with the guy, Bravee Grandcu, who told the paper that he didn’t actually mean those potentially criminal threats he made. He was just upset because he’s a serious Jets fan who also just happened to lose a $700 bet on the game.

“I don’t own a gun,” said Grandcu, 25. “I was never going to shoot or kill anyone.”

“I was just pissed off,” Grandcu told the Daily News. “I lost $700 on the game. That’s real money.”

A Gang Green supporter for 20 years, the New York City resident lumped himself in with legions of Jets fans frustrated by Sanchez’s lackluster play.

“I feel like Sanchez is doing all of these turnovers on purpose,” Grandcu said.

Assuming Mark Sanchez is good enough to purposely put the ball in a defensive back’s hands? This man is insane. Probably a good thing he doesn’t own a gun now because for some reason I don’t see this dude clearing any background checks in the foreseeable future.

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