JETT I. MASSTYR – DAGOBAH Instrumental Mixtape

02.02.14 4 years ago

jett i masstyr dagobah

We’re not typically fans of using another man’s press releases or big block paragraphs, but we stand firmly behind the latest beat tape from JETT I. MASSTYR and his description of the 24 track release of unreleased material only enhanced the passion in the sample-based project.

2011 was my breaking point musically, I had been living in Pearland, driving to Galveston everyday for work, and then most nights driving into Houston for music events, studio time, etc. Not to mention I was let go from my job that summer, One night in early August I went to “FACES” where my good friend DJ DON bka Donnie Houston was resident DJ. I was there for maybe 20 minutes, just wanted to pop in to holler at him and then get back to the studio. Within that time someone had broke into my car and took my backpack which contained my laptop, midi controller, my ipod, my iPhone, basically everything. I nearly lost my mind, actually I’m quite sure that I did. Ask anyone that was there, I was seeing red. No one could calm me down. All I was thinking is “oh s&#%!, I’ve lost all my production, everything, every session, every idea”…Fortunately for me all my work prior to May of 2011 was backed up on an external and since my new setup was so “new” I hadn’t had a chance to back up the beats I made that May or the rest of the Summer for that matter. I only had mp3 one tracked un-mixed versions of the beats I was making. I made almost 30 beats during May of 2011. Most of those beats stayed on a playlist in my iTunes under “Lost Beats”. I couldn’t sell these, or let an artist use them for projects without the actual sessions. They were just there…until now.

Almost 3 years later, I present to you my latest instrumental album D A G O B A H.

Considering the vast amount of concepts and versatile styles on display here, we’re just glad to hear that JETT I. got to keep these heaters in any form at all. More so, we’re gracious he was willing to share. From “Untitled 1” and “Diamond In The Rough” to “Free Bird” and “RIP Jiggyness,” there’s something for every sentiment on this tape. We imagine “Lake Eerie” is the beat he listens to when plotting revenge on the jerks who jacked his laptop. People are such assholes.

Prove otherwise and support the man’s passion by streaming below or with a good old purchase.

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