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Jim Harbaugh has never made it to the Super Bowl as a player or coach, though this Sunday marks his third conference championship game appearance and second in as many years. Eager to make good on his latest chance at championship glory, Harbs has been trying to fire up his players by posting pictures of them as high schoolers on their lockers.

Coach Jim Harbaugh had a laminated sheet made for each player during wild-card weekend, which the 49ers had off, then surprised the players with them when they reentered the locker room after a meeting.

So far, so good, I guess. But what is the takeaway from the tactic?

Harbaugh declined to elaborate on why he had the photos made, but team spokesman Bob Lange said the coach “wants the players to be able to interpret the reason for it in any way they want.”

“To see some of these guys in their early years, pretty bad-looking kids,” practice-squad safety Curtis Taylor said with a laugh. “I’m just being honest. I ain’t going to put nobody’s names out there to say who was ugly and who looked good. But if you just look around…”

Don’t have to do a lot of age regression work with Colin Kaepernick, who still looks like a really tall 14-year-old.

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— Cardinals fullback Reagan Maui’a claims that Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend was real, so it’s clear we should stop with the “Te’o might be gay” conspiracy and get started on the “Samoans promoting lies” conspiracy.

— Jaguars get the Eagles’ sloppy seconds, hire Gus Bradley as head coach.

— A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, is going to be covering the Super Bowl for “Inside Edition”, which surprisingly still exists. Ines Sainz will have to arrive the Media Day in body paint and torches coming out of her nipples to steal attention from the old lecherous media drones.

— The Steelers say they are unlikely to use the franchise tag on Mike Wallace, so another team gets to fork over lots of money for fast running and drops.

— The next chapter of Dan Shanoff’s never-ending fantasy about Tim Tebow has the Runslinger going to Chicago, because a new coach totally wants to saddle himself with that monstrous distraction for marginal on-field benefit.

— Impressive Super Bowl display at a supermarket in California. From what I hear, the people who make these things get decent loot. Score one for another industry doing better than bloggers.

— Just a reminder that Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne and Jim Irsay are appearing on tonight’s episode of “Parks and Recreation”. Will one of them mistake Jerry for Peter King? MAYBE!

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