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Khrysti Hill

Jimmer Fredette Is The Next Billy Hoyle [ETSF]

Chris Brown’s Circle of Celebrity Friends Hold Him Down Post Cunty Episode [C&D]

Justin Vernon Says New Bon Iver Album Due Out In June [Prefix]

Twitter Beef Round Dos! Ja Rule & 50 Cent Go @ It Again [Vibe]

‘Simpsons’ Vs. ‘Family Guy’: Who Stole Which Jokes? [Warming Glow]

Another Photographer Mixes Nudity With NYC (NSFW) [Gothamist]

Paris Hilton On Black Men: “I Would Never Touch One. It’s Gross” [TUD]

Five Ways a Normal Person Can Date a Celebrity [PopEater]

Arnold Schwarzenegger In Rio: Possibly The Best Video Of All Time [Film Drunk]

Tips on Being an Exceptional Ghostface Killah Intern [Vulture]

Five Ways to Improve Your Funeral [Uproxx]

Christian Pole Dancing is Real [BroBible]

Lady Gaga Lights Up Her No-No Areas [MTV Buzzworthy]

Bam Margera Knocked Out By A “Fat Sea Otter” [Fark]

Wrestling Fans Are In Need Of Pen Pals [With Leather]

NCAA Graduation Rate Winners And Losers [HuffPo]

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