Jimmy Henchman, The Stool Pigeon?

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
09.14.10 15 Comments

Yesterday, the NY Daily News made claims of having access to sealed documents which show that Game’s current manager, Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond,” previously worked as a confidential informant for state and federal authorities. Interesting turn of events here, especially since it coincides with the anniversary of Pac’s death.

“Jimmy (Henchman) Rosemond is named as an informer in court records, the Daily News has learned. Rosemond has given information at least three times to state and federal law enforcement officials since the mid-1990s, documents reveal.

“One of Rosemond’s former lawyers even cited his repeated cooperation with the authorities in asking for leniency in a Los Angeles gun case. He noted that Rosemond’s dime-dropping helped Brooklyn prosecutors send a man to jail – exactly what the “stop snitching” campaign rails against. [NYDN]

For those who weren’t around, Jimmy was one of the two men virtually immortalized by Pac on his scathing “Against All Odds,” forever etched in Hip-Hop folklore with the line “Promise to pay back Jimmy Henchman, in due time, I know you snitch niggas is listenin’…the world is mine.” Ever since, the criminal turned corporate player has fought to shake the negative connotations associated with his name, but ending up largely unsuccessful. Of course, Henchmen denies the latest accusations and the NYDN really did play themselves by constantly referencing the “Stop Snitchin'” movement repeatedly throughout the article, as if they were trying too hard to link Rosemond to the work of his artists.

But, as my colleague said, I guess we see where Game gets his knack for namedropping now.

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