Jimmy’s Been Watching You. Jimmy Wants To Make You Rich. You’re Just Jimmy’s Type.

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Jimmy Johnson owns two Super Bowl rings, which he won while the head football coach with the Dallas Cowboys. He owns an NCAA championship ring, which he won while the head coach with the Miami Hurricanes. He’s best known these days as a commentator for the NFL on Fox Pregame Show, where he joins Curt Menefee, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long and Michael Strahan to analyze the day’s football games.

I’m listening.

But Jimmy Johnson also trades the stock market.

Sounds dangerous!

He is the spokesman in the BetterTrades infomercial, seen throughout the country on a regular basis.

“Regular basis” = 4 am on Versus.

Jimmy Johnson became affiliated with BetterTrades in 2008.

So that’s what happened to the stock market!

He had always been interested in the stock market, but had little time to educate himself while coaching a football team.

Have you ever tried to grasp grasp the principals of margin trading while attempting to wrestle the scissors out of Michael Irvin’s hands? Because it’s pretty fucking difficult.

Once he decided to get involved, Jimmy Johnson was personally mentored by BetterTrades founder Freddie Rick.

You’d be foolish not to trust a guy with two first names. Especially a middle-aged man who goes by “Freddie.”

The former coach was then invited to be the front man in the BetterTrades infomercial.

What a curious happenstance.

BetterTrades made sense to Jimmy.

Oh yeah! Jimmy couldn’t jump at all before he got BetterTrades. He was like you.


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