Joe Flacco Wants Elite Quarterback Money

02.16.12 6 years ago 50 Comments

Diamond picker performance bonus kicks in with each Pro Bowl nod

Joe Flacco spent the month of January either openly or passive aggressively complaining to the media that he doesn’t receive the appropriate amount of credit when the Ravens win and that maybe people should look past trivial things like stats and how much confidence his teammates have in him. Only then will they realize Joe belongs in the same company as the Brees, the Mannings and the Rodgers of the world. We all had a good chuckle and assumed it would go away once Baltimore got eliminated, even though Flacco did play fairly well in defeat in the AFC Championship Game.

Alas, no. The “Joe Flacco desperately seeking eliteness” meme refuses to die. Now, instead of elite quarterback respect, he and his agent are willing to settle for elite quarterback money.

“If the game is about wins and losses, he has to be in the top five [quarterbacks],” agent Joe Linta said. “He is a player who has been extremely durable, never missed a game. And he’s done something that no one has ever done. In his four years in the league, he has never missed a game and has more wins than any other quarterback.”

Yeah, yeah, it’s his agent, so a certain amount of exaggeration and bullsh*t is to be expected. All I’m saying is I hope the Ravens take seven quarterbacks in the draft so Flacco storms the podium and refuses to leave until he receives minimum one gold star from each GM.

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