Video: Joe Scudda – Not Your Average Joe Promo Trailer

02.17.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

You know why I like Joe Scudda? Because he’s like us.

The rough amongst a bunch of cubic zirconia in 1’s, this Justus League MC is much more homegrown than most rappers we see plastered from blog to blog. Aside from preferring thick thighs on his woman and Pabst® by the tall can, honest Joe gives a fuck what anyone else has. He doesn’t care about rented luxury cars or fancy pants bottles of champagne. He likes flannels and hates ties.

Essentially, this blue collar, briefcase breaker would rather climb the unbearable music industry mountain barehanded than have anything handed over on the house. He raps hard, he plays less.

But, don’t you dare call him average.

Hall Of Justus & The Smoking Section Present Joe Scudda’s Not Your Average Joe available for free download February 23rd, 2010.

Get amped with the leaks thus far.

“Bubblegum Tuna” | “Catch Up” | “Trunk Rattle” (Remix)

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