Joell Ortiz’s Hot 97 Freestyle

08.17.10 7 years ago 11 Comments

Making great songs people want to play over and over again and being an amazing rapper are two completely different things. It’s a shame that lyricists are overlooked for image-based entertainers who can apply simple rhymes to generic production and sell a million records. Life just isn’t fair I suppose.

In the end though, if the love of Hip-Hop is in an artist, that doesn’t deter them from doing what their heart tells them to. Joell Ortiz is one of those few that may never release a major label release but could easily be matched up with any rapper in the game today and slaughter them. Funkmaster Flex is obviously privy to this knowledge as he let’s Mr. Ortiz do verbal gymnastics for over 5 minutes on air at Hot 97, a station notorious for playing lesser talents repeatedly.

Of course he comes correct, with enough quotables to carry the station for a good week or so.

Joell Ortiz – Hot 97 Freestyle | Download

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