In Which John Gotty Talks About His Influences

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
04.24.13 51 Comments

Writing about yourself feels like penning your own eulogy. Maybe not as grim, but still just as conflicting and self-serving. As a confident but very humble person, putting words together about myself isn’t always fun or easy. Talking about other people, things or ideas? That’s a breeze because I tend to have an opinion, even if it’s no opinion with the reasons why explaining why something is irrelevant. Writing about yourself? Tougher since it requires hints of narcissism tied with looking at the person in the mirror.

But alas, I was asked to participate in a series of video vignette series where we were asked to discuss influences, trends and things of that nature. I don’t want to ruin it (and also want to bait you into clicking play) but the people who I molded myself after aren’t exactly the normal names I suppose. Yet, they’re truly the people whose lifestyles I’ve always wanted to emulate, from childhood into early adulthood.

All said, these are pieces of a man. Watch below and I hope you enjoy part one. Stay tuned because there’s more to come.

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