Comedian John Oliver Parodied Those Dumb GOP Millennial Ads Because Someone Had To

03.22.14 4 years ago

John Oliver GOP Parody

Few things are certain in life, but Republicans’ continuing bumblef*ck in courting Millennial voters is one of them. Valiantly they tried, airing two ads last week that showcased a young(!), hip(!), leather jacket-toting (!!) man named Scott Greenberg who was totally for an all-of-the-above energy policy and non-regulation of big-business.


In any case, they’re still hokey and pandering no matter your political affiliation, and Salon’s Alex Pareene provides a nice little rebuttal to both ads here. So it was only a matter of time before parody videos appeared, and HBO’s John Oliver–whose half-hour show premieres later this month–provides the first kick to the gut.

Oliver introduces Josh Gondelman, a rad, rad dude who also wears a leather jacket and Warby Parker frames and thinks the same way Greenberg does. But Gondelman also doesn’t like being told he can’t bring a gun to the bar. And he doesn’t know how much his heating bill costs because his parents pay it, but it’s probably high and therefore the result of not enough drilling or fracking or available panda blood.

Which totally, man. All a real bummer, we know. It’s great that Scott and Josh are here to speak it like it is! And they’re totes representative of who Millennials are.


Watch the videos below. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver premieres April 27.

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