John Rocker’s evaluation of Yassiel Puig

04.01.14 4 years ago 47 Comments

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Hey fuck tards,, its me John Rocker- former MLB closer for two teams with Redskin mascots and current English speaking thundercock. Im here to shoot you straight no offense to George Zimmerman- about the modern day game of baseball for this here MLB dickjoke site.

You see theirs a plague going a round the game of baseball- a game that is not at all boring to watch on TV and in no shape are form a game that is so lame and femnine that we have to come up with super stupid rules to make ourselfs seem like its a tough game with kingshit mentalities. But anyway theres a plague. And his name is Yasseil Puig.

If theres one thing I hate more then illegal immigrants, its Cuba. Id rather kill my self trying to escape Cuba then live there, but Ill be dipped in catshit if Im going to allow some Cuban to escape Cuba so that he can be a American. Thats just not right. The thing I hate the most about Cuba is the foreigners- there everywhere! You can walk through dowtown Habanna and not hear even a single person talking god dammed American. Its to depressing. Your trying to get your sugarcane to market and you have to share a bus with some single mom with four kids and a kid with chicken pox or pollo pox or whatever the hell. Ive got enough tiny bumps on my body after years of steroiduse,, there called my testicles folks.

Notice to Yasseil Puig,, this is MAJOR League Baseball not MEJOR League Baseball dickass. Puigs nothin but salsa in a catsup league. Were Im from we PLAY pepper, we dont eat them like crackerjacks. The way Puig plays the game is a disgrase to American born players, allmost like hes the kind’ve guy whod throw a man out at first base from the right field warningtrack just to make him look like a cabron. This game should be played with a healthy respect for your white opponets, or else I’ll throw the ball at your head so hard youll be lucky to even hit a home run.

Hears a quick stat for you- Puig hasnt won dick.

Id call Puig a ‘flash in the pan’ but lets be honest here hes more tres leches then creme brul. And when Im talking 0% 1% 2% I’m not talkin milkfat Im talking about the effort he seems like he’s giving running out grounders. Far as Im concern, MLB needs to limit there big awards to people who talk American. Its called the WORLD series not the MUNDIAL series,, people forget that.

Its just so obvous that hes only here for the handouts,, specially when you see all the intentional walks he gets. Its almost like he just figured out how to get away with doing the least amount of work and then demanded “mucho dinero.” Every REAL ballplayer I no would rather leg out a grounder and get thrown out then “walk” anywhere on a ballfield intentonally. You want to go for a “walk” son? hell how bout you “walk” your ass back cross that border to Cuba.

Not in a racist way but you have to admit that Hispanic players just aernt as good as white players mostly do to there many genetic and cultural inferioritys.

Now dont get me wrong I feel for the racism that players like Yassiel gets on his end. You might not realise this, but I use to get called a “wetback” all the time, although for me its just because all the pus from my back-acne tends 2 soak through my big Johnson shirts and cause a scene.

Anyways you get my poitns folks.Now let me allow to leave you with a quote from are best President Ben Franklin that I like to use at the end of my essay’s on WoldNetDaily.

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NOTE- Not a actual Ben Franklin quote,, you can tell since the word “lunch”wasnt invented until like 1830 but that wont stop me- because Im John Rocker and your not. Suck it buttcheese.

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