Johnny Clipboard Shirts Now For Sale

08.21.14 3 years ago 31 Comments


Probably the one of the best parts of capitalism is how quickly it responds to the marketplace’s needs. Want to buy a jersey for a rookie player the day after the draft? The league has you covered. Want to make make fun of someone for being named the backup quarterback the day of Browns head coach Mike Pettine’s announcement? Internet entrepreneurs are there for you.

The Heckling Store (why isn’t The Comedy Store’s Belly Room called that?) is offering “Johnny Clipboard” shirts for sale via their online shop for fans who cannot get enough fandenfreude over Johnny Manziel’s rough introduction to the NFL. Who is to say this fine joke isn’t just for haters? Maybe it’s also for fans who need something to wear while drawing in their “Why is Daddy Sad on Sunday?” coloring book.

Think we’re being too hard on a man with a Drinking Swan?

If you ask me, we’re not being hard enough.

Don’t worry Johnny Clipboard, the Steelers will be down in the weeds; waiting, watching, probably smoking them, for you to be ready.

[H/T Uncle Shimbo via Next Impulse Sports]

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