Johnny Football Is Johnny Water Sports

04.21.14 3 years ago 17 Comments

Johnny Shark

While much of the country was taking the holiday weekend looking for chocolate eggs left by a zombie rabbit, Johnny Manziel was busy with the business of being Johnny Football. Saturday morning, a private workout for the Cleveland Browns. Saturday afternoon, catching long bombs from his bros while tooling around on a jet ski.

It seems like just yesterday that I was singing Manziel’s praise for his devil-may-care attitude and the welcome respite he would be from the carefully worded soundbites we’ve come to expect from today’s professional football players. Maybe it’s the extra time we have before the draft this year and our patience is wearing thin for his antics. Maybe it’s because it was fun to watch him from afar while he was in college knowing he wasn’t quite our headache yet. Maybe it’s because he said he wants to be the fifth member of “Entourage” that we’ve turned on him.

Or maybe it was because of this:


C’mon bro, get your empties — A GODDAMN MICHELOB ULTRA AT THAT — out of the bougainvillea. That’s just tacky and unbecoming of a quarterback playing for The Shield.

[H/TInstagram via SBNation]

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