Join The #PassTheCrown Contest With The Smoking Section!

12.02.11 6 years ago 46 Comments

I don’t know about you guys, but the Holiday season in the D household always meant buying Crown Royal in bulk for my dad, uncles and cousins to toss back over domino and spades games. And I guarantee if you ask most men in my family for seven nickels, 14 dimes and 72 pennies, they’d head to their drawers for a Crown Royal bag full of loose change. That’s why it’s pretty awesome that the good folks at Crown Royal asked us to take part in their Pass The Crown contest. Another reason it’s awesome? You get to win free sh*t too.

Here are the specs:

Every day, one website will get a message with a hint of some gift they’ll be able to open by the end of the day. The representative can either choose to open his or her secret prize or steal a gift that’s already been given earlier to another site. That’s where you come in.

Tomorrow is our turn to get our secret gift and here’s what I need from you. You have to leave a comment, follow and reply to me on Twitter (@DavidDTSS) or Gotty (@JohnGotty) telling me to either open my prize or which gift to steal. One lucky person will win the gift that I end up with. The more things you do, the greater your chance of winning. So replying to me and Gotty™ AND leaving a comment will increase your chances. As you can see from the previously released gifts, you can win an iPad2, a Kindle Fire, a Crown Royal-sponsored happy hour for you and 40 friends, some Beats By Dre headphones and a tons of other cool stuff.

For full disclosure, I’m liable to ignore all of your suggestions and go straight for that iPad2. But hey, you can’t go wrong with a free iPad2 right? Right.

So again, here’s all you have to do:

1. Look over the list of gifts already given out.

2. Leave a comment below telling me to either open my mystery gift or steal someone else’s.

3. Send a Tweet to @DavidDTSS and @JohnGotty with the hashtag #PassTheCrown telling me to either open my mystery gift or steal someone else’s.

4. Pray that nobody steals our awesome gift and leaves us with broken dreams and a Slinky.

Easy, right? Right. Now, let’s get to stealing people’s gifts!

Follow all the action on Twitter (hashtag #PassTheCrown) and give us suggestions. If you are curious about the dope customized embroidery Crown Royal bags make sure to visit to created your very own personalized bag for $9.95. You can also personalize a Crown Royal bottle label for free if you’re 21 or older.

Update: Well, here’s our hint for today’s gift and if I were a betting man, I’d bet there’s a Crown Royal-sponsored happy hour in that bag. This stirs the pot up a bit as votes have been either “steal the iPad2” or “take the happy hour”. So, what say you? Steal a gift or open up the Crown Royal bag? Let me know because I have to make my decision by 4pm.

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